New Data: Campaign Media Content Analysis, TV (GLES 2017)

Version 1.0.0 of the Campaign Media Content Analysis, TV (GLES 2017) (ZA6808) is available.
The dataset contains media data concerning the campaign of the Federal election 2017, which can be systematically combined with the survey data of the election study. During the observation period from 27 June to 23 September 2017 (90 days), all news stories which have been broadcasted in the evening newscasts of the main German television broadcasters were coded.
The study has been ruled out on two levels: a first group of variables has been coded on the level of the journalistic news stories, a second group on the level of statements within news stories. The central dimensions of the study include the thematic structure of election campaign reporting, the presence and thematization of political actors, the evaluation of political actors, and statements on possible coalition formations.
On the GLES homepage at GESIS (menu item “Data”), you can find a link to download the data. Alternatively you can use the direct link (doi:10.4232/1.13168).