Updated Data: Candidate Campaign Survey GLES 2017

Version 2.0.0 of the Candidate Campaign Survey (GLES 2017) (ZA6814) is available. The updated dataset contains the following changes to the previous version:

  • The erroneous post-stratification weight for mandate holders wei_mdb has been corrected.
  • Codings of open answers on the most important problem (c1as, c1bs, c1cs), local campaign topics (b10s) and job titles (e12s) have been added.
  • The values of the variable gewählt have been abdjusted.
  • Letter suffixes for variables b7, b11, b20, e1 and e12 have been assigned according to their sequence in the questionnaire. In version 1.0.0, the suffixes had yet been assigned analogous to the equivalent variables in the candidate study 2013.
  • The labels of the variables b11i (b11d in version 1.0.0), e11as and e11bs have been corrected/specified.

Due to the high sensitivity of the data a direct download is not possible. To gain access to the data you have to sign a contract of use with GESIS. Please consider this document for further information on the procedure.