Updated data: Short-term Campaign Panel GLES 2017

Version 5.0.0 of the Short-term Campaign Panel (ZA6804) is available.The updated dataset contains the following changes to the previous version:

  • The ninth wave has been added to the dataset.
  • The constituency coding has been updated and accounts for the boundaries 2017 (elecdist, elecdist1-elecdist4).
  • Post-stratification weights have been recalculated based on the marginal distributions from the German micro census 2016.
  • The variable kpx_info has been updated and gives information on inconsistencies in the reported residence of respondents. This includes not matching federal states and constituencies as well as changes of the federal state between wave 1/a1 and wave 9.
  • The variable lfdn has been inconsistent. All cases, which were already included in the first wave, were assigned a new consecutive number in each released version of the dataset. This fault has been removed and the consecutive number corresponds to the latest dataset version (v4.0.0).
  • The variable kp8_211 has been recoded because the values were incorrectly replaced by the values of the variable kp8_221 in earlier versions. The error has been corrected.
  • Correction of variable and value labels.

On the GLES homepage at GESIS (menu item “Data”) you can find a link to download the data. Alternatively you can use the direct link (doi:10.4232/1.13047)